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Attic Packs – Attic stairs and flooring

Attic floors and ladders package deal, save on attic stairs and flooring. Whether you have just moved into your new home or are finally ready to utilise your attic space, an attic pack may be the solution. A value bundle with big savings, the attic pack combines our popular attic floors and ladders installed. As with all our services we aim to provide a hassle free installation service that you can trust from start to finish.

Call Us and save up to 20% on installation of attic floors and ladders.

Attic pack 1 an attic ladder and attic flooring installed.



Attic Ladder Installation

For our attic ladder installation services we have tested and chosen the leading models of attic ladders. Selected to best suit all the needs of modern living. All of our attic ladders come with safety standard certification, so you can have confidence in all our attic ladder installation services. Ease of use is always considered when we select our range of ladders, and you’ll find that apparent from your first use. Find peace of mind in knowing that each attic ladder comes with at least a 5 year manufacturers guarantee. Attic ladder installation alone costs from €350, so save by booking attic floors and ladders together. 

Attic Flooring

We have been installing attic floors and ladders throughout Dublin for decades, and are trusted as experts. We are sure we offer the best attic flooring service, with expert installers and raised OSB flooring as standard. Installed with storage use in mind we ensure a smooth and friction free surface, perfect for sliding large storage boxes or suitcases. When Installing the Attic Packs we ensure the attic flooring is left easy to extend if needed in future, improving future finish and cost.

Attic Lighting

Each of our Attic packs come with an LED sensor light included, this light is fitted with high strength industrial batteries. Featuring an adjustable two direction light setup, you can light your whole attic or a specific section. 

So if you need an attic stairs and flooring to get up and running this pack can’t be beaten in cost effectiveness or quality of service.

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