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Attic Pack 1 - Attic Floors and Ladders

Need more storage space? Attic Floors and Ladders installed together may be the most cost effective solution, so why not save by getting everything  installed as part of the attic pack.

Everything you need to get using your attic space, whether for a new house or it’s time for extra storage space. This pack is designed to conveniently and cost effectively get you up and running. Save almost 20% by having your attic floors and ladders installed together.


The Glide Away + 

Attic Flooring (OSB) – 60ft2

Attic Light

Some of the benefits:

  • Save by getting everything installed on the same day.
  • This Pack offers a quick, hassle free solution with a one day fitting service for attic flooring and attic ladders.
  • Includes the most cost effective attic ladder, installed with superior stability and safety ratings over other aluminium attic ladders. Flat step and wide safety handrail as standard.  
  • Raised OSB Attic flooring fitted by expert installers, with attic flooring for storage use in mind we ensure a friction free surface, for sliding large storage boxes. Also the attic flooring is installed to allow for more flooring if needed in future, improving future finish and cost.
  • Installed with multidirectional, long lasting, battery operated attic light, so no need for the cost of certified electrician to get a bright attic. 

Attic Ladder

Weight: 7.0kg

Fits Max Height of 3 meters

Certification BS EN14975

Load rating: 150kg 

Material: Aluminium

Guarantee: 5 years

Attic Flooring

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) – Tongue and groove – 18mm

Raised by 60 – 90mm for insulation depending on attic.

Countersunk fixings

Attic Light

Battery operated

Attic Floors and Ladders Installation

We aim to make all of our services as easy for you as possible, this pack can be installed in just one day. Our expert fitters will advise on the best attic ladder positioning and attic flooring area to suit your needs and safety.


You can book with us using the contact form below or give us a call. We don’t need to look at your attic before the job, however if possible please send us photos/video of your attic opening and attic to help ensure a smooth service. You can WhatsApp or email [email protected]

Our fitter will be able to answer any of your questions or concerns on the day, please contact us at [email protected] or Call Us if you need to discuss any concerns before we get there.

From €699

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