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Attic Ladders Installed throughout Dublin, we have been providing attic ladders since 1989.

Al's Attic Ladders - Est. 1989

We all need more storage space in our homes and one of the easiest and cost affective ways is utilising your attic. Our solution, Attic Ladders installed providing safe, easy and convenient access to your attic. Every home is unique, and so are attic ladders.

We do our best to understand your requirements and tailor our services to meet your specific preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your home. We aim to provide you with a totally hassle free service, with quick, flexible booking and fast installation. 

Example of Attic ladders installed by Al's Attic Ladders

Why Us?

Quick & Hassle Free

Just fill out the form below or call us and let us provide a quick and hassle-free installation, our skilled professionals ensure a swift and efficient process, leaving you with convenient accessibility to your attic space.


We have been installing attic ladders since 1989 so rest assured we are a service you can trust in. Our fitters are trained to the highest standard and take pride in each and every job.

We care

We care about your safety and convenience, ensuring expert attic ladders installed, elevate your home accessibility with convenience.


Our Ladders.

See the benefits of each of our attic ladders installed below, after years of fitting and testing a huge selection of attic ladders on the market we have chosen and offer the best attic ladders available. We considered safety, convenience and cost when selecting the attic stairs we install and stand behind each product.

If you’re unsure of the suitability contact us below or call 0872478675.

€350 Installed

€580 Installed

€700 Installed

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    If have questions and would you’d prefer to call we will do our best to answer.

    Due to the nature of our work it may not always be possible to answer, if you can’t get us, just fill out the booking form for a call back.

    Depending on the type of attic ladder fitting can be between 2 to 3 hours. Each service we offer will have a closer estimate listed on the its page.

    If the timing is a big factor for you please let us know, we will do our best to accommodate. 

    The cost of installing attic ladders can vary depending a number of factors. The main factor is the type of attic ladder being installed, an aluminium attic ladder will cost much less than a wooden attic stairs. Each of our services will list the cost of installation.

    See our list of services for installation cost.

    Knowing when to replace an attic ladder can sometimes be a challenge. We suggest asking yourself if you feel safe using your attic ladder?

    We have a full detailed article discussing the more technical aspects of making the decision.  

    In most cases the choice of any of our attic ladders will be possible. If you are unsure don’t worry we can walk you through the options on the day of fitting.

    Where an attic stairs won’t fit we will have the backup option of an aluminium attic ladder if it suits your needs.

    For an additional cost we can create a new opening when fitting both the Folding Attic Stairs and Gold Star+. We can assist you in determining a location for the new opening on the day of fitting.

    If you would like more information on where might be best suited, see our blog post titled ‘Attic access’ 

    All of the ladders we install include at least a five year manufacturers warranty, see the expandable ‘specs’ section on each service page to get exact details.